Reviews of the Best Weed Eaters

Lounging in your backyard, front lawn, or garden won’t be as cozy and peaceful if your surroundings are not taken care of. Aside from a dirty environment, what makes most people feel distressed is the length of the grass and weeds that need to be trimmed or pulled out.

Mowing has been one of the biggest responsibilities of homeowners with big parcels of land. Otherwise they would seem like living in a rainforest in the middle of a city. Not to mention, the decreased safety of the family living along with a weed-infested lawn.

Therefore, having your own weed eaters not only makes your home pleasing to the eye, but it also feels great when you gaze at how kept your home is. Getting a weed eater that will take care of pesky growths may seem like a big step, as good and lasting ones don’t come cheap.

We have compiled weed eater reviews that will help you in your search. Reading through the reviews of the best weed eaters in the market will make you decide much faster and be sure on your purchase. Although it sounds unimportant, a weed eater shouldn’t be bought on a whim, and instead thoroughly planned for.


What are the Best Weed Eaters?

Weed eaters may sound like a less expensive and important appliance in a home. Unlike buying a new refrigerator or washing machine, weed eaters may seem like a breeze to buy and doesn’t require much thinking.

However, since the good ones don’t come cheap and you’ll want to get utmost safety when using it, you should take some time reading through the following weed eater reviews to determine the one that suits your needs and preferences.


Black & Decker 13-Inch Lithium Ion Cordless High Performance String Trimmer

Black & Decker GH900 Gh900 String Trimmer,
  • AFS automatic feed system ensures continual work without bumping or having to stop
  • The 6.5-Amp motor and high torque transmission provide MAXimum performance
  • Power Source : Corded-Electric.13 inch cut path gets the job done fast


Features: This trimmer is said to be one of the top performers and it is also one of the lightest one there is that is easy to hold and maneuver. This weed eater comes in two choices: the 36V battery or 40V battery that is rechargeable with long run-time to complete jobs efficiently.

With battery use, this trimmer is cordless, making it easier to use especially on a wider space. It is fully charged in about an hour or so. It uses a PowerCommand dial to choose between max power to tackle thick weeds and max runtime to increase battery life.

Safety: The Black & Decker trimmer uses a trigger lock and two-stage starting sequence, which prevents the motor from starting because of accidental trigger pull. This trimmer is also very quiet, much quieter than the known gas and electric trimmers in the market. To also give you the peace of mind, this trimmer comes with 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee and 3 Year Full Warranty.

Ease of Use: It cut through the most basic weed growing out there and other stalky weeds with ease. It is much lighter and far easier to handle to other cordless trimmers of the same kind. It also boasts of a six-setting motor that boosts cutting power and extends battery runtime.

Although it is almost perfect, users admit it has flaws; don’t expect tall grass or very thick weeds to be cut in just one pass. This con shouldn’t be considered as a deal-breaker though.


GreenWorks Corded String Trimmer

Greenworks 18-Inch 10 Amp Corded String Trimmer (Attachment Capable) 21142
  • 10Amp motor with straight shaft and .080 dual line bump feed
  • Light weight and simple electric start with cord lock feature makes it easy to use
  • Large 18" cutting path helps speed up the trimming process


Features: This trimmer comes cheaper than the Black & Decker trimmer and gives out more choices for power: 10 Amp with 18” cutting path, 4 Amp with 13” cutting path, and 5.5 Amp with 15” cutting path. Get the 10 Amp model, the strongest, if you foresee that you’ll be tackling tough weeds and thick grass in your yard. The 18” cutting path also enables you to get the job done quickly. The handle is covered with cushion and molded-grip for comfort.

Safety and Ease of Use:  For enhanced safety of the user, the GreenWorks trimmer comes with a lock-off switch to avoid accidental slips. However some users complain about it being placed to low and how it can cause fatigue on bare hands. It is heavy, about 10 pounds but it is easier to handle because the components are well balanced. It is also noisier and heavier than Black & Decker.

However, because of its power and range, many people choose this to get the job done. Another con to get this product is its four-year consumer warranty, which is considered above average for string trimmers.


Husqvarna 2-Stroke Gas Powered Straight Shaft String Trimmer

Husqvarna 967264202 22.5 cc Gas Powered Straight Shaft String Trimmer (Certified Refurbished)
  • This Certified Refurbished product has been tested and certified to work and look like new, with minimal to no signs of wear, by a specialized third-party seller approved by Amazon. The product is backed by a minimum 90-day warranty, and may arrive in a generic brown or white box. Accessories may be generic and not directly from the manufacturer.
  • The choke and purge are easy to reach and understand
  • Stop switch automatically resets to the ON position for easier starting


Features: This trimmer uses smart start and auto return stop switch so you won’t have trouble turning this machine on and off. It houses E-Tech II for reduced gas emissions if you’re a “Go Green” supporter and has a safety harness for better grip and control.

Safety and Ease of Use: Because it is gas-powered, it has an engine along with it, which makes it heavier compared to its battery or electric counterparts. The lightweight plastic parts lessen the weight. However, many owners complained about the cheap feel of the plastics, though it doesn’t have a major effect with the overall performance of the product.

It comes with a two-year warranty that can be extended up to four years if you purchase three 32-ounce cans of Husqvarna pre-mix fuel and if you register your product online. Be very sure when you purchase this product as Amazon and Husqvarna don’t accept returns.



Having that clean, manicured lawn and garden is easy once you have your own weed eater. When you get the right machine for you, exerting too much effort cutting off weeds will be just a thing of the past because of how fast and efficient this tool can be. High-powered ones can work non-stop for a few hours, which makes it easier for you to finish the job faster; you won’t have to dedicate your whole weekend just working on your lawn.

Hopefully, you’ll be able to find the right machine for you through this weed eater review. If not, then you might at least get an idea on what to look for when buying your weed-eater.

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